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Save up to 40% on trips between
Los Angeles and New York

With house sharing
Free registration
First stay is free
Live chat with other users
We register only users who own property
System user verification: videos about locations and their owners
Comments and rating system for participants and locations

Leaving to travel or for a business trip

$2K-$3K per year — this is what you can save with us
Without us you spend $2K-$3K per year for using real estate
I must travel often to other states during the year. This time I went to LA for 3 days. An overnight stay at a 3-star hotel costs $100. Which totals $300 for a 3 days’ stay.
When I am in LA, my apartment in NYC stands idle. When I called realtors, they did not want to get involved in renting my property for only 3 days: the margin is too low. And I have no time for talking to potential renters.
I registered at the website of GLOLiving, added the photos of my property and filled out my profile. For doing that, I got GLO points.
It turned out that I could use these points for a free stay in LA. Which I did!
To have this opportunity constantly at my fingertips I chose to get an annual subscription. It costs $200.
Now I can travel getting free stays and saving $300 on each trip. 5 trips in a year will get a saving of $1500, and the more I travel, the more I save.

Find out how much you may save with GLOLiving right now

Katie living space
Apartment | 1 bedrooms
78 m²
Bryan living space
Apartment | 1 bedrooms
61 m²
Elihú living space
Apartment | 1 bedrooms
100 m²
Peter living space
Apartment | 1 bedrooms
94 m²
Mary living space
Apartment | 1 bedrooms
45 m²
Phillip living space
Apartment | 1 bedrooms
100 m²

GLOLiving Security

Worried about the safety of your property?
GLOLiving propose a damage protection mechanism!

Why do you need GLOLiving?

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Renting your property for short stays + +
You can test the product prior to payment +
Verification of users and video overviews of their properties +


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Find out how much you can save with GLOLiving right now

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