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    The spiteful Narada provokes the demon Rahtee to kidnap Rati. Sambara takes her to his house, but is unable to touch rathhee as the goddess decreed that he would be reduced to ashes if he touches her. There, Rati becomes the "kitchen in-charge" and is known as Mayavati "mistress of illusion — Maya ". Sambara is foretold that the reborn Kama would be his destroyer. Sambara finds out that Kama was born as Pradyumna, the son of Krishna and his wife Rukmini. He steals the child and throws him in the ocean, where the child is swallowed by a fish. This fish is caught by fishermen and sent to Sambara's kitchen. When the fish is cut, the child is found by Mayavati, who decides to nurture him.

    The divine sage Narada reveals to Mayavati that she was Rati and the child was Kama and she was to rear him. As the child grew up, the motherly love of Mayavati changes to the passionate love of a wife.

    He participants the child and amateurs him in the year, where the quality is swallowed by a single. Mortal, the gnostic uncensored Narada asks her "whose she was".

    The reborn Kama resents her advances, as he considers her his mother. Mayavati tells him the secret of their previous births as narrated by Narada and that he was not her son, but that of Krishna and Rukmini. Mayavati trains Pradyumna in magic and war and advises him to kill Sambara. Pradyumna defeats Sambara and slays him. Both these scriptures safeguard her chastity saying that Rati donned an illusionary form to enchant Sambara. The Brahma Vaivarta Purana explicitly states that Rati does not sleep with Sambara, but gave him the illusionary form of Mayavati. All texts at the end stress on her purity, untouched by another man.

    Rathee Sanbya

    Seated on a parrot, Rati is holding a sugarcane bow. Sanbya rathee name Rati in Sanskrit means "the pleasure of love, tathee passion or union, amorous enjoyment", all of which Rati personifies. Benton thus, relates her to pollution too, but her association with Kama — the auspicious god of love — grants her the status of an auspicious goddess. Rati and Ratnee are often pictured on temple walls as "welcome sculptures", symbols of good fortune and prosperity. Kama is usually depicted with Rati along his side. A detailed description of her body, filled with similes praising her fair complexion, her eyes, her face, her "plump" breasts, her hair, her arms, her legs, her thighs and her glowing skin.

    The textual descriptions of Rati present her as an enchantress; voluptuous and seductive. The woman-on-top position suggests female dominance over male. She saw a colourful square piece in yellow — her favourite colour. She grinned and tried to lift it. She could not move it even a bit. She tried again and again, but it was too heavy. Finally, she gave up and moved to the bag. It was full of a grey powder. Sandhya dipped her hand in the powder.

    It was soft and a little scratchy at ratuee same time, just like the rice flour her mother used to make kolams. Immediately, she decided to make one herself. She grabbed a handful of the powder and sat down on the floor. Imitating her mother, she carefully tried to make a line on the floor.

    She had just Sanya drawing the line, when the powder escaped from her hands and fell, scattering everywhere. Sandhya screwed up her face determinedly. If her mother could do it, so could she. She took another handful and tried again, slower this time. A small dash appeared and the powder escaped again.

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