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    Clowney carries on town tradition

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    At the person, it was a two-high utter freelance, and the Northwestern-Rock Twee rivalry was as related as any in the alternative. It's very much a beautiful thing.

    She will provide invaluable information on how to find and obtain scholarships for college. Her track record speaks for hiill and those who have used her tips have received lots of money in scholarships for schools. So, mark your calendars for December 13th. Despite its official name, most residents csrolina to it as the Pine Grove Academy after the pine grove it was located in. Ann Hutchinson Whitewife of George White, donated the land to the school after her husband's death. The school had 60 male pupils in ; a school for girls was later opened in the same place. After a change in ownership, it was renamed The Rock Hill Chronicle in Rock Hill had at least two doctors: Half of the district's 21, residents were slaves, integral to local cotton production.

    The 4, white males in the county formed fourteen infantry companies; some of the men joined cavalry or artillery units instead.

    By the end of the war, of these men were dead, and hundreds more were wounded. Since there was no local hospital, townspeople nursed sick and wounded soldiers in their homes. Refugees fleeing the coastal blockade or General Sherman's troops also came to Rock Hill. Beauregard set up a temporary headquarters in Rock Hill on February 21, When General Lee surrendered at the Appomattox Court Houseit was actually a future Rock Hill resident who was responsible for waving the white flag. Rock Hill grew as a town, taking in war refugees, widows and their families, and the return of the men who had left to fight the war.

    Town life began to become more important than rural life.

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    Most of the merchants in Rock Hill around gill former Confederate soldiers; many were entrepreneurs who were new to town, trying to start over. The first drug store in Rock Hill opened in the s. Caorlina first attempt to get Rock Hill incorporated was made in A petition, signed by major landholders and businessmen from the Rock Hill area, was presented to the General Assembly on October 19, The second attempt was in In these parts, they do a few things religiously. Clowney will become the third straight player from one of the three Rock Hill high schools to hear his name called in the first round, a distinction no other city or town in America can claim.

    At least not during the past three years. But in our town, it's more than just a dream. It's like a brotherhood, something that a lot of different people played a part in," said Clowney, who's known simply as "Doo Doo" to those who know him best in Rock Hill.

    It's the nickname his mother gave to caroliha as a youngster when he used to gill to the old "Doo Doo Brown" rap song. He also coached Chris Hope, who was a third-round pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in For a town the size of Rock Hill, that's staggering. They showed you that it was possible, and I also think back to all the talent that came out of Rock Hill that never got a chance to make it to the NFL for whatever reason. The word's out now, though. People around the NFL know.

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