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    The voiceovers choice in the last video are webcam girls, and the quality is simply poor. Trivialized Ter If you have hooked data that doesn't appear here, bother us a rehearsal. Get the Patreon over here.

    We can do this aim April 5th - via: The datinv news is, the game will alphw get finished! The bad news is, if funding fails, we plan on pitching the finished game to publishers, a process XD Datingg 30th - via: We've been having trouble bringing the alpha into playable shape in time for the end date of this Kickstarter. It was never our The most terrifying Kickstarter project ever will make you want to burn down the Internet March 28th - via: March 26th - via: In the time since our announcement a number of serious allegations have been thrown at the makers of Dark Skyes, with various elements of the web calling the whole thing a joke or a scam.

    Is it really a scam, or just a bunch of trolls picking on the Brony community? Dating-sim simply not worth the risk - Dark Skye's shady dealings brought to light March 11th - via: Something has smelled fishy ever since the post went up, and it's not because it's lent either.

    Sim Mlp alpha dating

    Read More Quick video update, and a word about the alpha Dxting 10th - via: And please continue supporting us! We definitely don't have time to play public relations and Our credibility and the future of our game itself are currently under attack by members of the forum known as Something Awful. I am still not even sure what is going on, but from what I can see they have been Read More Voiceover quality?! March 8th - via: The voiceovers used in the pitch video are webcam auditions, and the quality is really poor. Adding pony types to the beginning selection, such as Earth Pony, Unicorn, or Pegasus can really add depth to what your capable of in the game, maybe add tasks that are only available if your pony type meets the qualifications.

    For example, lets say your given a task to race rainbow dash; you cannot do this unless your a Pegasus. Accolades is a dqting stretch out there for any one dating sim, but maybe select few tasks can unlock different items or options. Such as in the beginning, e. Character Customization would come in handy, visually adding body types, mane styles, eye color etc, would even further expand the games replay-ability - if by chance base characters become an issue, I am an artist and I'd love to assist with this project if assistance is ever needed. I hope these ideas help in one way or another, I hope nothing i put down, or how much I put down, overwhelmed you.

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