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    Photograph courtesy of the Pera Museum Blog The nook is reminiscent of a garret, and in this cosy, intimate space I felt as though I was wandering around a studio rather than a museum.

    The sketches range in date from early- to midth century. While it was only marginally acceptable to use male live models infemale live models were commonplace by Cultural motivations, described variously as tradition, custom, practice and virtue, lay claim to the public portrayal of bodies. Nude postcards similar to the one above further blurred the lines between art and obscenity. This poscard is from a later date — — but they first entered the Ottoman Empire in the s Seyhun Binzet Collection The transformation of Ottoman visual culture in the 19th century, which ran parallel to the modernising Tanzimat reforms, had enough hurdles to overcome in the popularisation of Western-style painting and other art forms with which the public was unfamiliar.

    Thus the issue of the nude, which required stripping the naked human body of its sexuality, was always on the agenda for the next generation.

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    Starting instudents at the Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi began to use live models — men only, and often wrestlers — in their drawing and painting classes. These male models began to pose nude in Yet it was not enough for this generation of art students, who had learned of thrkish presence of nude female models in European art schools and unsuccessfully lobbied utrkish authorities for the chance to draw from live female models in the academy. It was only in the s that paintings of naked women were publicly displayed. While most of the artworks in this section of early nudes depict the woman from behind, often reclining, this painting features a woman facing forward, kneeling on the ground and leaning on her left arm.

    Despite this forward-facing position, her gaze is downward — she could almost be asleep — suggesting shyness. The tension created by the focus on her torso and breasts, which are rendered in bold, dramatic brushstrokes and bathed in light, and her introverted gaze makes the painting feel intimate and sensual. This large painting fromwhich features four women in various poses, is reminiscent of Gaugin, but with female bodies that are outsized and almost cartoonish in shape.

    However, tkrkish desire of artists to paint nudes, and their subsequent chafing at and agitating against cultural restrictions, was a social dynamic that existed before the Republic was founded and continued during its early years. Yet one cannot GGirls the strides that were taken in the first decade of the Republic. Full integration, however, was an ongoing process as opposed to an immediate change, as evidenced by photographs from the period in the exhibition book. Public perception of the nude was also by no means a settled issue, and debates over whether nudity in painting was obscene continued well after the Republic was formed.

    This painting drew me in and held my attention for quite a while, mainly because the subject seems forlorn.

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