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    Unless you have some loose fillings in your teeth. I bought it every day and at the end of my trip I bought a few kilos to take back to Germany. When none of my friends and family liked it, I was happy that I could enjoy it longer. And in any case, it seems to be halal. I have always liked visiting mosques with their grand courtyards and the tranquility they provide even in the midst of a large city. Like cathedrals in a way, but less formal. You can wander around and lie down on one of the cozy Persian carpets. At Jameh Mosque, more people were sleeping than praying. And this was about as busy as I ever saw a mosque — except for the festival of Ashura in Shiraz.

    They seemed more like places to relax, to rest, to read a newspaper, to discuss things with friends, to go for a walk in the courtyard and to drink tea than like places of worship. Most churches are stricter. Only when I wanted to take a photo of a mullah, he indicated that he would prefer not to. But I did take one of the prayer stones with me. Only now as I see the picture on a large screen do I notice the swastika graffiti in the previous photo. And the photo of Imam Khomeini. Like the walk from Hakim Mosque to Jameh Mosque.

    Also, in western cultures, the sexual scripts for sexual activity are clearly different for men and women Potential reason that the sexual script differs by gender in our study is the meaning of power attached to sexual relationships, i.

    Masculine gender role had affected female participants. They hold the belief and the power of making decision throughout the friendship would be isfahwn to osfahan man. They GGirls that women have to follow the decisions their partners make through sexual encounters and pointed out the inability of women in rejecting unwanted sex. Langen mentions that wwant power imbalance translates into a power imbalance in the sexual interactions that increase vulnerability to HIV The accounts of our participants support new gender norms that have been generated among them than Girlz the changing gender roles concerning sexual behaviors Gils Iranian culture. According to the collected data, female virginity was defined within a complex web of morality.

    This perspective makes men feel free to have premarital sexual relationships and seek to satisfy sfx sexual needs without wany concern through aex current or future romantic encounters. Although the inernet of participants expressed that they did not connect strongly with cultural scenarios of their sexual scripts, they had maintained strong connections to the concept of virginity as a cultural and valued norm. These forms of sexual encounters were done to keep dating long lasting, a promise fof intact virginity and to not itnernet their future in terms of marriage. As strategies to maintain virginity, non-vaginal sexual contacts among young people have been shown by Lindberg et al.

    In this regard, they do not think they are in danger of being infected to these diseases especially STIs. Another study has also shown that not using condoms in anal sex is the riskiest action with regards to being infected by HIV Based on the results of the study, although male participants were aware of HIV risk at a cognitive level, they had limited knowledge about various sexual modes of HIV and STIs transmission. Abdulraheem and Fawole stated that the main reason that adolescents and youth of Nigeria do not use condoms is that their sexual pleasure decreased The teachings must be aimed at educating the youth and females in particular about HIV and its transmission to each individual.

    By educating the youth about dangers of premarital sexual relations and focusing on the fact that some types of STIs such as genital warts will be transmitted even by using condoms The importance and necessity of premarital abstinence can be justified for them. It is vital to ensure men and women access to sexual and reproductive health services, improve the social supports that empower women and strengthen their confidence as well as the elimination of all forms of gender inequality. In addition, by taking steps toward creating positive attitudes about condom usage and its role in individual protection can make its usage more constant and correct.

    The findings of this research like other qualitative researches have little generalization. Although by using various strategies to increase the acceptance and objectivity, it seems the findings have enough validity and reliability. Study concept and design: Mahnaz Noroozi; Analysis and interpretation of data: Effat-al-Sadat Merghati Khoei; Statistical analysis: Effat-al-Sadat Merghati Khoei; Study supervision: Programs to reduce teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and associated sexual risk behaviors: Sexual health education programs should equip the youths with adequate knowledge on contraception and use of reliable contraceptive methods.

    Furthermore, attempts should be made along with tackling gender inequality is very significant for youths' sexual and reproductive health security. Contraception, contraceptive method, Iran, premarital sex behavior, sexual behavior, sexual knowledge, Youth How to cite this article: Contraceptive knowledge and practice among iranian youths. Acta Med Int ;4: Its worth noting that after delivery social and economic problems make special limitations for mother and her baby which endangers their physical and psychological health.

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    Inetrnet a study among students in Nigeria, it was shown that there was a fairly high level of knowledge and iscahan low use of contraceptives. Most of the students had knowledge of contraception; although, the rate of contraception use was still low. However, despite cultural and religious prohibitions, it seems that in the process of modernization and ongoing transition situation, Iranian youths like those of other societies are exposed to sexual experiences and engagement in sexual relationships. In Iran, several researches have studied sexual behaviors among the youth, but contraceptive knowledge and practice among wang in sexual relationships are not well addressed.

    Regarding the high priority of paying attention to the youths, sexual and reproductive health, prevention and controlling risky sexual behaviors and related consequences, it necessitates deeper perception of sexual relationships engagement among youths by qualitative research. Moreover, due to the complexity of human sexual behaviors, especially in youths, it is necessary to discover and understand deeply how these behaviors are formed and conceptualized. In this paper, the youths' contraceptive knowledge and practice in premarital sexual relationships are explained and reported. Methods This research was a qualitative study using content analysis approach.

    Recruitment and participant selection The participants of this study were 30 single boys and girls of 18—24 years old who were living in Isfahan, Iran and have already started their sexual activities. They were volunteers to participate in this study. An exclusion criterion was participant nontendency to go on with the research. The access to these participants was made possible through universities, parks, and sport clubs since in these locations the number of youths is great. The purposeful sampling and snowball methods were applied. As hooking up is illegal and nearly all girls live at home, you need to pick your accommodation carefully.

    Most have receptions that will cockblock you. Furthermore, AirBnB is banned. For sealing the deal, your interner strategy is house party game. If you ssex do some groundwork online and get an invite to one, great. Most Iranians are very interested to attend a party with foreigners. Your job is get a ton of snacks and booze. For the booze part, most local party-goers know a dealer who will deliver directly to your place by car. Beer is insanely expensive, so whiskey is your best bet. Most dealers also supply weed and other narcotics.

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    wat As for actually meeting women, online game or getting in to a social circle is the way Girla go. As for online game, a lot of sites are blocked but fof every Iranian has a VPN on their phone to access the likes of Facebook. Tinder is only really used in Tehran. Instagram, however, is widely used and actually legal. Journal of Adolescent Health. The risky health habits of students of Tehran. Identifying the concept of life style among boy adolescents: Iranian Journal of Nursing Research. Three approaches to qualitative content analysis. Socialization influences on early adolescents, cognitive susceptibility and transition to sexual intercourse. Journal of Research on Adolescence.

    The mutual influence of media selectivity and media effects and their impact on individual behavior and social identity. Hockenberry MJ, Wilson D. Watching sex on Television predicts adolescent initiation of sexual behavior. Vandenbosch L, Eggermont S. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Mazengia F, Worku A.

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