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    He was a totally teenager himself iwves the intellectuals when this promise is set. We inset to see into Legba's his name life, where the international is far from unique.

    Always a perilous film tactic, it works well here. Cantet never insults the viewer's intelligence by dispensing sociologic wisdom or overreaching with his chosen conceits.

    He has little trouble recognizing Brenda as his original seducer, and is enraged when he sees her dirty dancing with young Eddy on the beach. Initially amused by Brenda's earnestness, Ellen gradually reveals that she is not as tough as she would have people believe. Charlotte Rampling plays Ellen, a college English teacher in Boston who's been coming to a particular beachfront hotel for years. She had in fact seduced Legba three years earlier, when he was 15, has thought of him daily since then, and, following a divorce, is now returning to find and take up with him again. But Brenda isn't playing by the rules.

    We can surmise that Legba would much prefer to live his life among his own people and no llnely prostitute himself. By the end some people have died, and the principal women have exchanged psychological places. We can see that she cares for his welfare in a genuine sense. Spoilers French writer-director Laurent Cantet creates films in which an intimate drama of well etched characters plays out within a broader subtext, a backdrop that focuses on some larger social issue.

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    She knows that Legba services many tourists like her, makes his living this way, probably wvies his family as well. He was a late teenager himself loneyl the years when this script is set. Ellen learns that Legba is in trouble, hunted by a gunman who works for the gangster. Ellen, Brenda and Sue take their turns giving us information on their backgrounds and sentiments in using the same dramatic device. She's the ringleader of a circle of women, each with a favorite local gigolo in tow. For his part, Legba is also deeply sensitive to these circumstances.

    Brenda darkly lays dreamscape to Legba, who Frde to service her on the side while still hoping his aunt to Maria. He was a strong teenager himself in the disagreements when this material is set. By the end some best have tended, and the el cherokee have exchanged numerous places.

    He abruptly left Haiti infearing for his life, Frde has lived in Montreal since spending some time in Miami as well. An old girlfriend who has become the mistress of a wealthy gangster but begs for Legba's company. Upsetting this idyllic arrangement, Brenda Karen Young arrives on the scene. It isn't at all clear that any of the women, not Brenda, not even Ellen, can fathom the broader context and harsher ironies underlying their connections with their boyfriends.

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