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    Students can request that yoyln not call them. The Counseling Center seeks to provide stability for students throughout their transition from home to college life and to help students maintain a positive college experience.

    The Counseling Center is a resource on campus for Concord University students who seek assistance with personal and college related issues. Schedule and hours may vary during scheduled breaks and summer terms. These records are kept in a locked file cabinet at the Counseling Center. If there are other services in the community that could be helpful to you, the counselor will talk with you about these services and refer you as needed.

    Back To Top Accommodation Please advise us is you need any accommodation. They can talk 255654 an individual who is not personally involved with their situation, and who can offer different perspectives and ways of looking at the situation. Counseling is an opportunity for students to learn about themselves and to learn how to resolve problems and issues that are troubling to them. Persons who are referring students to the Counseling Center would follow the same procedure which is to call the Counseling Center to set up an appointment for the student.

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    They can learn new skills and Frse ways of thinking and acting that will help them to be better able to cope with their life issues. Services are available by appointment or on a walk-in basis. You can expect that every effort will be made to protect the information you have shared with us. Students come to the Counseling Center for many different reasons and with a wide variety of concerns.

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    Why do students come for counseling? We would ask the name of the student, a contact number for the student if availableyour phone number as the referral source and the reason for the referral. The counselor will want to know why you are seeking counseling, why you have chosen to come at this particular time, how long you have been troubled by the problem, and what kinds of things you have tried to solve the problem. Students may also be referred for counseling services by family members or other significant persons in their lives such as a family physician. Records are destroyed within a reasonable length of time after graduation in accordance with state laws. It may be decided to begin counseling appointments.

    Resources Confidentiality What you tell us at the counseling center will be treated with great care. What happens during the first session?

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