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    Sorority women are more likely Fejale interact with fraternity men [ 25 ] and more likely to be victims of sexual assault [ 73940 ]. For example, in a qualitative study conducted by Norris and colleagues [ 25 ], sorority women showed a relatively high degree of awareness for their general risk regarding sexual aggression, as well as possible prevention mechanisms to help other women i. In conclusion, previous research has focused on perceptions of victims i. Greek men also held stronger views as compared to other men, who are non-affiliated with Greek-life. Fraternities and rape on campus.

    Nude Female fraternity

    This is supported by previous research in which men involved in Greek-life endorse more traditional gender roles and higher rape myth acceptance [ 1 ]. Thus, it seems that fraternity men hold a lot of power on college campuses and are largely represented as perpetrators of sexual assault [ 46 ], and yet, few people think that they, the good guys, could ever be potential rapists. Strengths and Limitations The current sample was primarily Caucasian women, thus the greatest limitation to this study was the lack of male participation.

    The sample was collected from a campus with a high Greek-life student body located in the southern U. KDR's national office said in March that it would expel misbehaving members, implement new education programs and join a consortium of national organizations that maintain a hazing hotline.

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    Perceptions of sexual assault often develop from rape scripts, which endorse a stereotypical view of rape experiences [ 49 ]. Correlates of rape while intoxicated in a national sample of college women. However, it is important to note that they did not strongly agree with perpetrator rape myths, but that their answers were significantly higher than all other group responses. Sexual assault on campus: Interpretation and application of factor analytic results. Students voted down banning fraternities from campus, but supported admitting students of all genders to sororities and fraternities.

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