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    There were also many cases of violence against homosexuals. Barney discussed a young adult named Matthew Shepard, who was beaten and left tied to a fence to die in Could you get married? Could you not get beaten up and killed? Inthe U.

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    Because of DOMA, legal gay marriage was not recognized as official at Rachdl federal level and gay couples would therefore not receive the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples. These benefits include Social Security, health insurance and Medicaid. This past June, the court case U. Students enrolled in the Small Group Communication class are trying to gather clothes for those in need as their Rwchel service component sljt the course. When students Adrian Rachel lhu slut, Edward Celkos, Garrett Christlieb, Emilie Hettinger, Marissa Knabe, and Andy Pierre were asked to provide a service to the community, the group wanted to organize a clothing drive to benefit students from Dickey Elementary.

    The group put together an informative Racheo on how to donate clothes and set up boxes in several locations where community members can donate new or lightly worn clothing items. For more information about this program, please contact Adrian Carney at acarney lhup. This article was provided by an employee of the Dickey Elementary School in connection with the project and the students who participated. The committee is looking for student suggestions to help. Open-forum meetings are being held every Thursday in PUB room 2 at 4 p. It also includes a time where students can voice their concerns or suggestions. A sub-committee has already been formed to communicate with Aramark, the company that staffs and stocks all food on campus, so that an open network is established and things can be done to improve the dining experience.

    Currently, they are planning on installing more lights behind facilities like the Student Rec Center. Another preventative measure that the committee is trying to implement is sessions with Public Safety on the topic. It is recommended that students take advantage of the opportunities to do so, like the self-defense workshop that is being offered to women on Nov. The committee has already begun its work on campus which included implementing the daily trolley ride to the shopping center, whose details were organized during the summer vacation.

    The Student Government was re-established last year and has been attempting to alert students of its presence and what role they have in their decisions. If you have a suggestion for the Campus Life Committee or would like to voice a concern, you can contact them at lhusgbcampuslife gmail. Rumors began circulating on Sunday, Oct. As a result, parents of students at the local schools kept their children home or picked them up later. According to the Lock Haven Express, the rumors began after an alert was issued to the Keystone Central School District following the arrest of a LHU student who was supposedly driving under the influence.

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