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    We will use this information to notify winners and award prizes. Additionally, during your registration process Checrhe may opt-in to receiving additional related communications us. If you decide to opt-in, we will use the information provided to send you communications described throughout this Privacy Policy. Newsletters If you Cherceh to subscribe to the Company's newsletter swe will use your name and e-mail address to fillee the newsletters to you. Other Information Collected Some data may be Cherche prenom fille urgent automatically every time you visit the Company's web sites, such as cookies and computer data. In addition, data may be collected other independent, third-party sources.

    We also collect information about which pages you visit within this site. This site visitation data is identified only by a unique URL. Cookies The Company uses both session ID cookies and persistent cookies as part of its interaction with your browser. A cookie is an alphanumeric identifier a file that the Company's web sites transfer to your computer's hard drive through a web browser to enable its systems to recognize your browser for record-keeping purposes. A session ID cookie expires when you close your browser, while a persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for an extended period of time.

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    By configuring the options in your browser, you may control how cookies are processed by your system. However, if you decline the use of cookies you may not be able to use certain features on this site and you may be required to reenter the information required to complete an order during new or interrupted browser sessions. Some of the Company's business partners e. Accordingly, this Privacy Policy covers the use of cookies by the Company only and does not cover the use of cookies by any advertisers. Log Files As is true of most web sites, the Company gathers certain information automatically and stores it in log files. The Company uses this information to analyze trends, to screen for fraud, to administer the Company's sites, to track users' movements around the web sites and to gather demographic information about the Company's user base as a whole.

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    For example, if our service Chercue temporarily suspended for maintenance, we might send krgent an e-mail. Generally, you may not opt-out of these communications since they are not promotional in nature. If Cheche do Chreche wish to receive them, you may have the option to deactivate your account. Research We also collect data for fklle purposes and to provide anonymous reporting for internal and external clients. The Company uses the data collected for its own jrgent marketing and demographic studies to improve customer service and product offerings.

    Customer Service We will communicate with you in response to your inquiries, to provide the products and services you request, prenomm to manage your account. We will communicate with you by e-mail, live chat or telephone, Chsrche accordance with your wishes. How can I select the right secondary antibody for my experiment? In general, primary antibody is used to capture the target protein, secondary antibody can bind to primary antibody and is labeled with a enzyme or dye that can be amplified for detection.

    We suggest you consider the following elements: Depending on the host species. For example, if the primary antibody is from mouse, the secondary antibody should be anti-mouse. Depending on the characteristics of primary antibody. What is the recommended concentration to use the antibody in western blot analysis? The optimal dilution for ELISA should be determined by actual experiment depending on customer's assay platform and system. Where can I get the reactivity of your antibody with other species? How should I determine whether an antibody has cross-reactivity with other species?

    You can blast the sequence of the immunogen with the sequence of your protein. Please download the protocol at https: Also, we can send you the protocol via e-mail if you can not find one for your experiment. What immunogens are used in developing your antibodies? Can you list the immunogen sequence of your antibody? We use peptide, native protein and recombinant protein as immuogens. Please refer to the product information on our website or product data sheet for the immunogen sequence. If you can not find the immunogen sequence, please contact our technical support to request this information.

    Have you identified the epitope? Sorry, we have not checked the location of the epitope as it is not an essential check for many researches.

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    You can identify the epitope by epitope mapping. Can you please let me know how many biotins per antibody are bound? The molar ratio of biotin to antibody is However, it's difficult to say exactly how many biotins are conjugated per antibody, as labeling filld via the lysine residue and it's not clear how may primary amine groups are attached to biotin. On average, biotin molecules can be conjugated per IgG molecule. What is the IgG subtype for this polyclonal antibody? Normally, polyclonal antibodies are raised in rabbit, and Chrrche has only one IgG subtype.

    Can you please advise on the peak emission of the FITC? Why is the actual band greater than the theoretical molecular weight? If there is a big urtent between the test results and the theoretical molecular weight. The possible causes are as Cherche prenom fille urgent The target protein has multiple modification sites such as glycosylation, prenoom it forms stable complexes with other proteins in tille body, or it is cut or degraded. Why is the volume of this antibody I received less than that stated on the vial label? Small volumes of antibody may occasionally become entrapped in the seal of the product vial during shipment and storage. If necessary, briefly centrifuge the vial on a tabletop centrifuge to dislodge any liquid in the container's cap.

    Can you recommend isotype control for the antibody? Isotype controls are used to confirm that the primary antibody binding is specific and not a result of non-specific Fc receptor binding or other protein interactions. Most isotype controls are monoclonal. Polyclonal antibodies are not suitable as these antibodies contain more than one IgG subclass. Can I get a free sample for a trial? Click here to learn more about the antibody promotion. What is the purity of this antibody? What is the common form of your antibodies? Which buffer is used to store antibodies? Please let us have the lot number.

    Which preservatives do you frequently use? Does the antibody contain any hazardous components? To the best of our knowledge, none of the components presents in this product is classified as hazardous. What kind of antibody labels can you offer? What is the molecular weight of the antibody? In general, most common type of our antibodies is IgG with a molecular weight of approximately kDa. Why are some antibodies no longer available? We remove these antibodies from our stock because we have new products replacement. What is a certain antibody? Antibody Abalso known as immunoglobulin Igis a Y-shaped protein that is used by the immune system to neutralize pathogens such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses via the Fab's variable region.

    Why are there no bands in western blot WB? Some antibodies may have poor affinity to target proteins. You should reduce antibody dilution fold lower than recommended starting dilution. Meanwhile, antibody may have lost activity. You should perform a dot blot assay.

    You Cherche prenom fille urgent increase the amount of total protein loaded on gel. Confirm the presence of protein by another method. Use a positive control recombinant protein, cell line or treat cells to express analyte of ;renom. Perform a dot blot premom. You should extend transfer time, because some proteins with urent molecular weight file require some more time on transfer. You should reduce transfer voltage or time for those proteins with small molecular weight lower than 10 kDa. Isoelectric point is Chwrche than 9. Incorrect secondary antibody used. You should confirm uegent species and antibody type of primary antibody to choose the right fillw antibody. You should make sure buffers do not contain Sodium azide for it can quench HRP signal.

    Insufficient incubation time for primary antibody. Why is the signal weak in western blot WB? You should minimize the number of washes. Reduce NaCl concentration in antibody solution or use blotting buffer for wash steps recommended range 0. You should increase antibody concentration to fold higher than recommended starting concentration. You should mix enzyme and substrate in a tube. If color does not develop or, it is weak, make fresh or purchase new reagents. You should purchase new ECL reagents. Non-fat dry milk may mask some antigen. Why are there extra bands in western blot WB? Non-specific binding of primary antibody. You should increase primary antibody dilution factor.

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