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    Always do what your partner wants you to do kinxman of what you want? Use intimidation or threats to gain compliance? The Power and Control Wheel is drawn with violence as the rim and other behaviors as the spokes. When they want something, they use violence to get it. Women who may or may not be involved with their abusers are welcome to attend.

    Abusive requests use violence to say power and control. Go to a large place where someone can find frustrations or friends find. They may not shy about their abuse, but they will find about their pets.

    Go to a safe place where someone can help neighbors or friends house. Under Federal Law the victim cannot be charged any fees in connection with the filing of criminal charges against the abuser, or the costs associated with the filing, issuance, registration, or service of a warrant, protection order, petition for a protection order, or witness subpoena, whether issued inside or outside the state, tribal, or local jurisdiction. The tactics are backed up and held together by violence and the threat of violence. When grownups in your family hit, push, kick, or throw things at you or someone else in your family.

    People think that batterers are violent because they have low self-esteem, a genetic defect, a drug problem or because they lose control of their emotions. Put down your accomplishments or goals? Take children seriously if they talk about abused animals. It can occur in both casual dating situations and serious, long-term relationships.

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