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    This is to ensure fairness to those who receive short or late change PCS orders and minimizes the benefit for applying early. Stutfgart freeze zone is the top 10 percent of personnel on each wait list and freezes your position on the wait list from being lowered. Once you are in the freeze zone, no other personnel can jump your position on the wait list. The only exception to the freeze zone is for key and essential billets; all others with higher assignment priority than those in the freeze zone will fall directly below the freeze zone.

    Availability Family Quarters available tSuttgart Stuttgart include two, three, four, and five bedroom units. Three to eight families share a common housjng entrance and an outdoor area. S standards, and one should consider permanent storage of larger items prior to coming to Stuttgart. Bedroom Entitlement Your rank and family composition as per your PCS orders are the primary criteria that will determine your specific bedroom requirement. Pets are not a determining factor for bedroom requirements. You are authorized one bedroom per child if children's names are identified on your orders.

    Base housing Stuttgart

    No more than two dogs or cats or combination thereof, are authorize per dwelling Stuttgar. Other domestic pets including non-dangerous Stuttgatr and aquarium fish, and non-snapping turtle are authorize in AFH. Exotic pets hlusing farm animals for example, snakes, bass, lizards, snapping turtles, pot belly pigs, chickens, goats, ducks etc. Additionally, if required to move off post you will find that families with more than two pets houskng difficulty obtaining off post accommodations. Landlords typically require a substantial pet deposit for even one pet. Sponsor and nousing spouses will ensure that pets are controlled so they do not become a public nuisance or menace.

    Animals that habitually bite, scratch, attack, or otherwise threaten people without provocation are a community health menace and will not be allowed in Government-controlled housing or facilities. A severe incident for example, an animal attacking an individual is cause for removal of the offending animal, regardless of the absence of prior incidents Pet owners residing in AFH are subject to host nation HN laws governing the treatment of pets. HN law and Army in Europe policy prohibit inhumane and abusive treatment of animals. Inhumane and abusive treatment is define as any act or omission whereby an animal's physical or psychological wellbeing is compromised unnecessarily.

    Punishment for violation of HN law may be in the form of fines or removal of the pet from the owner's possession. In cases where Inhumane and abusive treatment is defined as any act or omission whereby an animal's physical or psychological wellbeing is compromised unnecessarily. There is adequate off post housing: The square meter prices are high and, therefore, some units will be priced higher than the Overseas Housing Allowance rate OHA. Apartments, townhouses, and duplexes are generally less expensive and are easier to find.

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    Rent caps for off-post yousing are established by rank. A service member will either receive OHA based on rent or the rent cap, whichever is Stutrgart. Service member will also receive a monthly utility allowance that will help offset utility costs. For details, contact your unit finance office. Services are free to military and U. Pervin Estates do not serve contractors. This may also help customers determine the amount of furniture to ship and leave in storage.

    Please keep in mind that German homes can be a lot Sturtgart compared to homes in the U. Average room sizes are smaller, and may be spread out over floors. The yards are usually small to medium-sized and some homes do not have closets.

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