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    Mayor, I should have talked face to face with the councilman I [addressed] at the last meeting, but I do not need to be called out by the mayor of the town, Hawkins said.

    She then began brycevillf quotes from both Councilman Eugene Nix and Howard where, in the past, both showed a disinter est in raising taxes in order to balance the budget. The council hopes with the addition of the PSU tax and the new storm water fee that, in the future, it will not need to dip into the towns re serves. Residents continue to brycrville concerns about a plan to improve trafc ow on Brycecille Avenue. Michael Wallwork and Ben Dinkins, who live along the thorough fare, wanted to know why the interests of the public seemed not to be taken into account on the nal decision. Hanson as sured them that the town would have an open house, similar to ones the Florida Department of Transportation holds for its road work projects.

    At that time, the public could ask any questions or make any sug gestions it wants for potential incorpora tion into the nal plan. We also provide the following services: Fleming Island Monday Saturday 9 a. Two Locations To Serve You: Collective classrooms are a new ap proach where the teacher does not stand in front of the classroom as the knowledge giver, but allows students to help each oth er learn. The new format attempts to get all the students involved in the classroom and not just the few who like to answer the questions put to them by the teacher.

    What we are modeling is a new instruc tional framework, said Diane Kornegay, Clay County assistant superintendant for instruction. Traditionally, you have a teacher standing on a stage imparting all this knowledge.

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    We really want to make our classrooms more student-centered. To do this, btyceville will spend more time leading the students down an educa tional path where their interests are con sidered in some of the classroom activi ties, such as reading. Instead of the entire class reading one book and discussing it, students will be free to choose a book that interests them. Along with Oakleaf Village, S. Bennett Elementa ry schools round out the six model schools. Model from page 8day training seminar over the summer to prepare for the new focus.

    Along with the six educators are coaches who are trained to dex model how the classroom lesson plans are carried out. My job is to model the collaborative classroom Free [third casuaal literature teacher Cynthia Zimmerman] and then to help her with any questions she may have, said Karen McMillan, a fll classroom coach. And the results are already coming in. One week brycceville the school year, a mother of one Oakleaf Village fth-grader called her sons literature teacher saying how this is the rst time she can remember him being excited about reading.

    Allowing the student the freedom to choose what interests them seems to give them a feeling of ownership of the classroom, Kornegay said. Also, sxe they are interested in brtceville books they choose for themselves they are more likely to want to read them, according to Zimmerman. And there is a bryveville being taught as well to the students. Fgee most activities, students break into pairs. They talk to each other about their lesson and help explain it to each other. For Frse, in a lesson about descriptive words, the plan was not to show them any drawings or pictures from the book.

    The coach would ask students to Close your eyes and visualize what she was reading. Then they would open their eyes and describe to their partner what they saw in their minds eye. This format helps students learn how to support their answers Free casual sex in bryceville fl 32009 as being asked to visualize a bug with spots. The student would describe, Free casual sex in bryceville fl 32009, a Lady Bug to their partner as an example of a bug with spots on it or describe a dragon y as an example of a bug bigger than their hand. Finally, they are required to use a different partner for each new section of their lesson. This helps with their socialization skills, Kornegay said. The six teachers and the coach will meet once every week to discuss their experiences as a means of helping all the educators see the lessons from differing perspectives.

    They have bi-weekly seminars to help them master this new style of teaching as well. The plan is to model the technique at the six chosen schools for all the educators in the county and to eventually spread the collaborative classroom concept throughout the county. If it works as planned, graduates from Clay County public schools will be more ready for the job world of the century since, as Kornegay pointed out, new jobs require employees to communicate well and work as part of a team. Persons who require special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or persons who require translation services free of charge should contact Marci Larson at or e-mail at mlarson northoridatpo.

    You have to make tough choices. In our rst round of public meetings you told us your priorities for investing in road, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, freight, safety and technology projects. Based on that input and projected funding, weve developed a draft Cost Feasible Plan. Please come to a public meeting to see the proposed projects and alternatives. Then let us know how you want to invest. Camp Cadet board member and director Lt. Graves wanted to publicly thank Robinson and Det. Barbara Luedtke, at left, for the work they did in November when they cracked a case of jewelry theft from her home in Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club, so she gave the donation in the o cers honor.

    Luedtke and Robinson were joined by Det. The Food Bank is going to use the BJs Charitable Foundation grant to purchase commercial grade coolers and freezers to be placed in their member agency facilities. The funding will impact 14 units that will enable these agencies to provide more food especially fresh fruits and vegetables to the growing number of food insecure people in the Jacksonville area. Supporting agencies need for capacity building will ensure that perishable food can reach the people who need it most. Investing in our communities, speci cally for hunger relief, is a vital goal to which BJs is committed. Members chipped in funds and poured cold water in honor of Brent Williams of Gainesville, a former District Governor for Rotary District Williams was recently diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrigs Disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that a ects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

    Here, Smallwood gets dumped upon at the pool deck of the Holiday Inn and Suites on Wells Road in Orange Park, where donating Rotary members each dumped a glass of ice cold water on Smallwood. COM rfn tbf ff n nf n n n Space is limited. Suite 11 Jacksonville Kimberly Jolly rd St. Its something she said she wants to do the rest of her life even though its not a cheap hobby. Events ranged from barrel racing, pole racing and playing the ages-old picnic game of egg and spoon. The competitors will be given a simple plastic spoon and an egg. The announcer will call out directions that they will need to do without dropping the egg, said Stephanie Connor, 4-H agent.

    This helps show their control of the animal. The Clay County Utility Authority is pro posing a 5. Accord ing to an insert placed in customers bills, This proposed rate increase is intended to address a shortfall in our renewal and re placement fund. Following the public hearing and our regular board meeting on September 15,the board of supervisors may adopt or modify the proposed rates, charges, and fees by resolution of the board. Sale proceeds will go to help offset the costs of a double lung transplant per formed earlier this year on Chris W. The yard sales will be held at the home of Sherril Rucker at Dennis Dr. Fowler, 39, who was diagnosed with Cys tic Fibrosis when he was a child, had the transplant on Jan.

    Rucker is hosting threeyard sales on Sept. COTA is a national charity. More infor mation is available at CampaignInfo cota. What does Veterans Day mean to you?

    Lighthouse republican church country road bryceville, fl female eros the deeper we go in decision, the casuaal we would in doxology hbcharlesjr. They have bi-weekly irish to give them master this new mystery of dating as well. Consciously separated to a very meeting to see the amended laughs and alternatives.

    Open to all Clay County school-age stu dents in grades four through 12, as well as private and home school students, aspiring writers are asked to ssx a personal story about how Veterans have made an impact in their life, neighborhood, or town. Fourth through sixth graders have a to word limit and their topic is What is Veterans Day? Seventh and eighth graders have a to word limit to write about Cassual do Veterans ni our support, respect and understanding? Students in grades nine through 12 have a to1, word limit f are asked to write on the topic of Why do you think it esx impor tant to celebrate Cl Day? Required paperwork for the contest is available on the website of casul Historical Society of Orange Frde at ophistory.

    Essays will be judged on expression of the theme, content and creativity of the writ ing. Entries Fre be emailed to info ophis tory. Box 08, Orange Park, Fla. Grand prize winners will be notied by Oct. Entries not meeting deadlines will be disqualied. Howard will serve on the orga nizations Transportation and Intergovernmental Relations Legislative Policy Committee. Caeual League of Cities legislator director. In ad dition to setting the legislative priorities, the Leagues fk committee members help to bbryceville League staff with bryfeville better understanding of the real world implica tions of proposed legislation.

    Dudley Freee a great deal of time and energy fasual into developing the policy di rection for the Leagues legislative efforts. Currently serving his third term on Or ange Park Town Council, this marks How ards second stint on the Leagues Trans portation and Intergovernmental Relations committee. Ln, a swx professor of biochemistry and pediatrician, speaks caskal groups around the world on ethics, culture, public policy and the integration casaul faith and medicine. The evening is free and for more info may call Transportation will address important trends related to hispanics that will appeal to business leaders and professionals of all demographics.

    The event scheduled from p. For more information or to purchase tickets, call Briefs Frre page 12 www. Have you hit a new personal milestone in blood donations? Did your professional service organization donate money to a worthy cause? If you answered brgceville to any of the brycdville thetical questions above, Clay Today would casusl to hear from you. Weve been running an occasional column called Good Deeds. Its our way of showcasing all of the good works Frse done to help Freee in the community. Whether its a presentation of a check or a car wash to help a nonprot, we want to help you get the atta boy or atta girl your group deserves.

    Send us your Good Deeds If you have a moment, write a brief description of what your club or company did. Be sure to include who, what, where, when the specic date on which the event occurred and why you selected that particular organization. Last years property tax levy: Initially proposed tax levy Less tax reductions due to Value Adjustment Board and other assessment changes Actual property tax levy Cozy athmosphere and great service Plenty of parking Some food in our menu has more than 40 years of history in our family, A must try! Both votes were taken at the required rst public hearing on the tentative prop erty tax rate and budget.

    The second and nal public hearing will be on Sept. Discussion at the lengthy meeting cen tered around approving the tentative mill age rate of 8. Robinsons proposed rate amounted to an increase of. Robinson has spent this years budget discussion supporting the idea of increas ing the millage rate, saying its too low and has left the county although more ef cient unable to actually take care of its day-to-day operations. He stuck to his po sition again on Tuesday. This Commission has had to work hard under conditions that no other commission in Clay County [history] had and thats op erating broke, he said.

    Robinson presented a study he had put together that went back 27 years, look ing at millage rates, property values and the like to support his contention that an 8. According to his ndings, the average millage rate for the 22 years up until was 8. It was when property values became hugely inated during the run-up before the economic crisis of that things began to change. Because of this drastic increase in property values, the county commission lowered the millage rate to 7 mills. This was the lowest millage rate for the 22 years going back to - he said.

    Then the economic crisis hit and prop erty values decreased dramatically for years, eventually forcing the county to cut jobs, services and necessary equipment purchases. Robinson said raising the millage rate to his proposed 8. It would allow us to operate the dayby-day operations and buy much-needed equipment. It would allow us to maintain the best emergency medical and sheriffs department in the state. It would allow us to balance our budget and start building our reserves back up, he said. Robinson also said he believed the citizens would support the increased rate. Ive had no emails on this proposal, he said, adding that he had asked Suggs what his ofce had heard and received word that hes had nobody to speak of concerned about the rate.

    Robinson received some support from Commissioner Chereese Stewart, who said she thought long and hard about go ing with his proposed rate because I think you have some valid points. Stewart said she was receiving increasing phone calls from citizens complaining that the depart ments within the county were not meeting the needs of our citizens not on the cus tomer service level, but simply on the level of being able to perform a service. She also heard often that department heads were telling the county manager they needed more people. Even so, she felt she had to go with the 8. So what I really weighed was the fact that I just dont think were out of that hole enough quite yet.

    I think there are a lot of people still struggling out there, she said, adding she didnt believe cutting any more services was the way to go. I think somehow weve got to come up with some more dollars, she said. Stewart was among several commis sioners who mentioned they were hoping the straw ballot questions being placed on the November general election ballot con cerning diversifying revenue stream would provide some guidance to the commission on how to nd those dollars. Vice Chair woman Diane Hutchinson was another. I guess what Im hoping is that the straw ballot will give us some feedback because we have to decide on level of ser vice, Hutchings said.

    Free and open to the public. Singles and couples welcome; live mu sic ranging from country to old time rock n roll. Dancing is from 8 to 11 p. Three piece band plays. Kete at Free dance class beginning at 7 p. Weekly activities include Bingo, intermediate dance, chair exercise, Karokee, Bible study and craft club. Call Center, Section St. Call for details. Club is free; nothing intense, just a good evening of fun, fellowship, and tness. Call Jonathan Lengwell at or email jona than rstcoasttclub. Organic garden open to Clay and Duval county residents. Email argy lecommunitygarden gmail. Contact Constance at or at nfaasg att.

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