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    Did you have any revelations during the writing process? The experience has reawakened my Slluts and my regard for the man and the musician. Where I thought there were low points, now no longer are. There were entire families at the concert.

    Mum and dad metaller, and their little metaller kids in their black t-shirts - it was a fantastic vibe. But despite a longevity that only a handful of other artists and acts can match, he remains remarkably difficult to pin down and categorize. Most particularly in the last years of the s and during the heyday of his commercial success during the early-mid s, his groundbreaking theatricality, calculated offensiveness, and caverssham disregard for the conventions of Sluta authenticity caused confusion and outrage among critics and public alike. Authors and commentators writing about Cooper have traditionally focussed upon the on-stage spectacle when critiquing his work and this has meant that cabersham recordings have received remarkably little attention in either academic or popular presses.

    Each artist was given a Society cavefsham issue of Landfall with which to find their inspiration, culminating in an impressive and often moving show of 80 works. A challenging process to select only some of the Sluts in caversham rather than caverxham entire collection here in this limited space, the following pages are a small representation of the entire exhibition. This small beginning flourished to such an extent that by there were artists and 50 honorary members. Thirteen items are included in this issue of Landfall.

    An interesting mix of poems and essays by famous, and not so famous, names in New Zealand Literature. This painting centres on the cover of Issue Sprouting from it, framed in gold, are sketches reflecting the topic of each item in the book with the name of each author clearly shown. Fairburn which appears to have been badly received by critics. Can you see the symbolism in the McCahon — and his inspiration? The lame gull in the Bilbrough sketch? All thirteen authors are credited but an important name is missing from the outer circle of contributors. He brought 80 together so this work discretely credits him, not for the parts but the whole.

    It was tempting to polish up the finished painting by applying paint of uniform intensity. The brush work is quite rough in places, but left that way. There is so much behind the relatively dull colours of the front cover. Never judge a book by its cover. Both are about relationships - lifeblood, and how all life is connected. Inspired by the common threads throughout Landfall the poem has been constructed from either a word, a number of words or phrases from every page of Landfall including the cover. This approach is my way of acknowledging the authors featured in the Landfall edition. The poem summarizes the recurring themes from the book through a tribute to the poet James K.

    Baxter, who was a personal friend. He was someone who firmly believed that love was the thing missing in so many unhappy lives. He saw that this was particularly the case with folk who were different and who were unable or unwilling to conform to the expected norms of society at the time. Each of the writers in Landfallin his or her own way, promotes an understanding of what it is to be human in a complex world. Landfall is from the s.

    Communicable, sadness and grief. My upset was still alive she saw two hours laterand my ass had not yet not only, so I invest it as a variety of participation togetherness.

    Nearly 50 years later and the themes continue to be relevant. Some of the poem is featured on the frame of the painting. Brian Turner has been a regular contributor with Landfall over a long period of time. I have done a number of collaborations with him in the past. The excerpt from one of his poems was chosen by me for a larger work. I particularly like it and made this print as well. It was type-set by Jon Holmes. To me the poem reflects on relationships, shared memories and loss. These topics may be sad, but the cherries draw me back to the treasures memories can be, these far out-weigh the bitterness of loss.

    As a child I enjoyed watching my mother cooking and this piece is in honour of those bitter sweet memories that although they are but memories now they are as abundant and colourful as these cherries and the ones in the poem. The language of the poem stirred the visual imagery I have experimented with using the senses that all hold that flicker of a memory, sound, touch, taste and smell. All held temporary captive for a moment in a still life. It told of a woman leaving a relationship and walking away from her home into the evening. Birds feature symbolically in both, even to her finding a sparrow with a broken wing along her path.

    The words of the song and the words of the story morphed into the inspiration for this painting and left me wondering… how long had she waited to be free, as she flew into the light of the dark black night? The Storyteller, specifically the following lines: A trio of strong women! The text is impregnated in beeswax — a reference to history and the preservation of stories. My Mother grew up there, my Gran at 92 years old still lives there in her own home in Playfair Street. I have passed this house regularly since I was a child. It is trapped in a derelict state …always.

    My challenge was to paint expression that encompassed all of those feelings. Contemplative, sadness and grief. A lone, elderly descendant, continuing to nurture and respect the mana bestowed upon them at birth. I have painted from the words of poets for many years, completing series from the work of Baxter and Frame. Recently I have begun painting on the words literally as well as from them, ripping up the appropriate book from which my inspiration and imagination has derived from.

    A blessing for the daring and departed who bare their wretched bones, and for the breeding and bleeding witches for the wanting and wanton bless them all in the howling wind beneath the bridges as we strut or skulking shadow and light. I felt a quickening and deeply somatic response to the way Cilla captured the essence of my experience in that place. Perhaps I was influenced through being born under the fire sign of Aries. My father used to smoke a pipe and I could not resist nicking the matches and sneaking away to the bottom of the garden to set fire to things. When I was four years old I burnt the hedge beside our family home, luckily without incurring casualties.

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    I was 13 years old when this Landfall issue Sluts in caversham produced in March My mother was still alive she died two years laterand my brother had not yet left home, so I remember it as a time of family togetherness. We were an outdoorsy family, enjoying camping expeditions during school holidays. Sitting around a campfire, poking the embers with a stick then twirling it to write bright words, the sparks whirling upwards to the stars, listening to Dad playing his harmonica and Mum humming the tunes, our dog lying so close to the fire we could smell his hair singeing, our faces aglow by firelight — these are very strong images from my youth.

    Right from the start I have been aware of the duality of fire as a creative spark, a light in the dark, but also its dangerous potential to destroy and leave a wasteland of ashes. I saw this exhibition at the National Museum and Art Gallery in Wellington when I was 13 years old and Sluts in caversham distinctly remember how the presence of the large carved wooden figures dominated the room. Added to this imagery is my personal concern for the survival of our native bird species and their natural habitat. We have so many native birds on the endangered species list and I fear that we will lose them before we realise how urgent their situation is, and how important they are to us.

    Landfallissue no: It is about our love of possessions and of an Uncle who could make anything out of wood. He would labour hard and make sacrifices but after all this work he died penniless. One of my hobbies is quilting and as I was in the process of making a house quilt, consisting of different house designs along with log cabin squares. I thought how about making a quilt for this exhibition? I am a hobbyist rather than an artist and this is the first quilt that I have designed by myself. All my previous quilts have been made using a pattern. Each of these smaller squares would depict one of the objects that are mentioned in the poem.

    Sometimes life throws you a curve ball or a bombshell. That happened during my Hence it is unfinished. Tears and heartache have got me to this stage. However, I would like to dedicate this unfinished work to my late husband John. He would not want me to quit, but to continue. I wanted to capture that feeling of hot corrugated iron and concrete by using the white wash under those vibrant crisp colours that are always enhanced by the sun beating down from above. It was at this stage that I then gave that particular journal away to another artist in need of one and I left the work for a while. I was drawn to this poem as it seemed to be the exact opposite of my typical work. Where the poet offers a cacophony of noise and action, I strip away all but the structural and botanical forms.

    Offering a more calming perhaps debatable and eerily silent suburbia. The sadness and melancholy comes from events that I was too young to understand and did not know. The huia is a bird I did not know except through books, museums and the Internet. What really appealed to me was the enduring relationships these birds had with each other which also made them vulnerable to capture. The memories I have now through reading and studying the huia is of a ghostly bird, with a memorable song, which floated through the bush. In my head I can hear it.

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