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    It was so dark I could hardly see my own hand in front of me. As I walked along I felt hands grabbing my cock and ass. I kept moving not stopping. I walked chocled and down through this maze of booths and came to one that I thought I would try. I went inside and locked the door behind me and put a token in the machine and the video started playing. As the video played I could see in the booth and noticed a hole on one side of the booth. I looked down and saw a man in the other booth obviously jerking off. I sat up on the chair and watched my video.

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    When the time expired I put another token in. I then heard slkt knock on the door and a man said open the door please. I thought it was the man from upfront but when I unlocked the door a Chockec guy pushed his way inside and Gagted me to be quiet. I was very scared. He asked why I was there and Chockeed said I was just chocmed a video. He asked Gagged chocked slut if I sucked cock and Choked told him no I was straight. He laughed and said that doesn't mean anything. Lots of straight guys Gagved dick. I then noticed Gaggeed he had his cock out. It was very big. Much bigger than my 5. He told me to suck his cock. I told him I didn't want to. That's when he took out a bottle and said here sniff this it will make you feel better.

    I didn't know what they were. I asked and he said they were called poppers. I took a sniff and all of a sudden I felt so lightheaded like I was high. I had no control and I went to me knees. The guy then took my head and shoved his cock into my mouth. Suck it he said. I didn't know what to do my head was spinning. I began sucking his cock and I could taste his salty precum. He was holding my head shoving his black cock deep into my throat making me gag. First time my ass he said. I was starting to get my head straight when he stuck the bottle under my nose and told me to sniff it again.

    I did and it all started again. My head was spinning. I felt helpless and was doing what he told me to do. Then I heard him unlock the door. I saw out of the corner of my eye the door open and could see 2 or 3 guys standing there watching as I sucked my first cock. About 5 mins later I felt him pull my head closer and he shot his load into my mouth and told me to swallow it. I was choking and trying to swallow but it was too much. I spit some out and it landed on my shirt.

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