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    Looking for a Great Destiny 2 Clan?

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    Created by Brock Busby, a self proclaimed MMO enthusiast, the site makes the initial search more refined to prevent time wasted quizzing guys via PM. It lets Raid leaders strategize and pick the team they desire. The other positive is that my site keeps people honest and reputable. If I post my name or I build a group, people are more likely to play well, communicate and less likely to drop out. We are the start of what will become an evolving community for the Destiny series as a whole. This thread is for discussion of anything and everything DestinyGAF. Honesty is the best policy. Reddit Destiny Reddit needs no introduction as the source of credible or bust information related to almost anything worth discussing.

    Destiny friends for my kids. The downside is that attempts to gather a group of people can easily get sidetracked and lost in the relentless cascade. Good luck getting that raid team together, Guardian.

    Matchmaking Destiny destiny matchmaking finder finder

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