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    Looking for am orgasm friend in Da Nang

    The mag in her old blocked out everything around her, hitting her hands over them she would her longtime to try and view the vessel penetrates behind her naked. Byron couldn't fault it any more, she did that the injured would run her help.

    Bickering came loud and clear from the back of a cargo truck, one voice deep the other an octave higher and louder. Nxng green eyes at him, she pulled a large bottle nxng quinine from her backpack and tossed it to him. Besides if I don't take it the VC will. The tall one was carrying an injured solder across broad shoulders. She waved to Warren and then took off at a jog to the door to the surgical unit and started calling for a gurney to be brought outside. Tossing her bag on an old wooden desk, she pulled a surgical gown over her scrubs and headed back out the door.

    Zach laid Jackson down onto the gurney and followed it hang as the nurses pushed it inside. Yells went out for a surgeon as they took him to the first operating room. Zach was stopped by a pair of green eyes looking over the top of a surgical mask. Mickey froze when her eyes looked into the coldest pair of blue eyes she had ever seen. She felt chills run up her spine at the feeling of death coming from the tall solder that was covered in black clothing from head to toe. She stuttered her words trying to stop foe person from entering the operating room.

    You can't go in there it's a sterile area, you can stand in the hall and watch through the window if you want. She looked down at the mans torn and bloody body and was surprised that he was still alive with as much damage as he had. Looking for am orgasm friend in da nang surgeon pulled pieces of shrapnel from the wound and searched the bowel for tears and punctures. She ni up to see icy blue eyes watching her. It Lookihg un-nerving and she dropped a surgical sponge Lookijg the floor. The surgeon looked over at her. She lowered her mask then pulled it back up when the stench of blood and body odor hit her square in the face.

    She was going to grab a hold of the solders harness and drag him to the showers but thought better of it when she realized she no longer had gloves on. She tilted her head to the side ror let her eyes follow the tall body from toe to hood covered head. When she walked away and turned back, she saw that he was still standing ogasm. Walking back towards him, she grabbed his harness and tugged. Turning the shower on and adjusting a, water, she spun naang her heel and gave her best glare at the filthy man. Walking from the orgsm, she went vor a supply room and searched for a pair of scrubs and a towel for the solder. She chuckled when she realized that she had just ordered the same person who had criend her with just one glance.

    Shit, just one glance and I'd hand him my last dime! She didn't care Looking for am orgasm friend in da nang he got embarrassed from her walking in on him, she was a nurse frienv gods sakes and seen more naked bodies in one day than most people saw in a lifetime. She rounded the corner just as the water was turned off, reaching a ror towards the shower stall, she dangled the towel until she Looking for am orgasm friend in da nang it taken from her hand. Turning her head, she gasped at the naked body standing next to her. Snapping her head back around she covered her eyes nan took deep breathes.

    She felt her face get hot and knew she must be ten shades of red for being so ignorant as to practically drool over the gorgeous body. Zach snorted with amusement at the small blonde. I don't usually dro? Bending over she picked up the filthy gear and cringed from the stench, standing back up she kept turned away from Zach. OLoking couldn't believe how beautiful the woman was; her high cheekbones framed by long hair the color of coal, a aquiline nose orgssm full pink lips. She looked up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen in her life and felt her heart beat a staccato in her chest. Dw was afraid that any second she would start to hyperventilate.

    Mickey groaned with disgust and laid her hands on top of the larger ones. What Unit are you from and why do you steal food? You still haven't told me why you're out fighting in the jungle with a couple of men. You're not going to sleep in the men's barracks. So where is it? She looked into tired blue eyes to see if it was only she who felt it or if Zach felt it as well. Her blue eyes showed nothing except exhaustion. Couple rocks and my A. She swung her legs over the rack and let her feet dangle over the end of the it. Mickey walked around to the end of her rack, picked up her foot and grimaced at the blood trickling from the cracks.

    Mickey covered her up with a blanket and then went to get what she needed to tend to her serious case of foot rot. After collecting what she needed she went through the surgical wing and checked on the Jackson. She noticed that he had four bags hanging and the drips were all open wide. She checked his stats and noticed that he was running a slight temperature. She marked it down in his charts and stopped one of her friends on the way out to have a doctor check on him. She went back to her room to find Zach still in the same position snoring softly. She cleaned Zach's feet and applied a salve to them that would help get rid of the foot rot and then wrapped them with gauze.

    When she was done, she tried to give herself a hernia moving the larger woman up in the rack. She couldn't ignore the fact that she was extremely attracted to the stoic mysterious woman. Her hands burned from where they had touched the hard muscles of Zach's arms, she brushed back dark hair from Zach's forehead and sighed at what a beautiful women she was and still wondered what she was doing there. Choppers came from the west, debris spun in small dust devils, brush bent to the dusty ground while the tops of trees bent from the force of the spinning blades. Medical personnel of every shape and form scurried to the landing area pushing gurneys and carrying stretchers.

    Being the only full hospital unit in the area, they often got casualties from as far away as Da Nang. That was if it was a bad battle and all the other units were full and in dire need of help. Mickey grabbed her medical bag and ran after the others, she could see that a lot of the men had suffered from shrapnel and knew it would be a very long time before she got any sleep that day. Taking the first one that came her way, she pulled the makeshift bandage from the man's chest and saw the torn and burned flesh below. Checking his stats, found them very low, she knew he had to get into OR before they lost him. Giving the orderly the OR room number she went on to the next solder.

    When all the wounded were secured inside the hospital, she donned her surgical gown and picked an OR room to enter. Being head surgical nurse and being able to charm a Cobra, she did pretty much what she wanted. The OR that she had picked turned out to be a solder that needed to have both legs amputated above the knee. He had stepped on a land mine and had one leg taken off in the jungle and the other they had to remove there, because of the irreparable damage. She always felt extreme emotional pain for the men who lost limbs while fighting a war no one wanted to admit was going on. She did her best when they were in recovery to bring up there spirits before they left for the states and a life that held no promises.

    She had contact with a Veterans hospital in Seattle Washington and did her best to get the ones who needed the support the hospital gave to have them transferred there. Before they would go back to their family and the angry people that denied the veterans their welcome home as courageous heroes. After the last of the wounded were cared for, she went to check on Jackson. She noticed that he looked better and had no more problems with fever, Zach would be happy to know that he would survive and be able to return home. The thought of the tall woman now sleeping in her room made her heart patter in her chest.

    She felt elation in her spirits and wanted nothing more than to go to her room to see if Zach was awake. Even though she was exhausted, she wanted to talk to the tall dark warrior. A grin came to her face with the thought of Zach being a warrior. On sore feet and legs, she stumbled to her room to find Zach curled in a fetal position. Her one hand under her chin, the other hand was curled around something hanging from a chain around her neck. He took out some bills and handed them to me telling me that this was my tip. Then, I was told to get on my knees, get his cock out and make him hard.

    Once I dug his cock out he was well on the way to being hard as hell; he had about 8 inches of medium sized meat. When I wrapped my fingers around it and started to suck a little that finished the job…in a short time he was rock hard and throbbing. I did try to keep sucking as long as I could; that was putting off getting my little ass blistered. Once again I obeyed then, stood facing him…waiting. There was an instant of fear then a sharp stinging smack as his hand made contact with the middle of my one cheek…the sound of the smack and the sting of it hit my brain at the same time…instinctively I raised my one hand and covered my mouth just before I let out a yelp of pain.

    This was going to hurt! I got jealous because no one has ever even taken me down to the beach to watch the sunset. All they want is a roll in the rack and off they go. They're not looking for a meaningful relationship. The ones who are looking for that don't want a woman that's going to jump in the rack with them in less than five minutes. Set your sights a little higher and you may just find that one man that will take you to the beach for a sunset. Picking them up she saw that the other set were Zach's. I never even thought of that. Her heart swelled with emotion and more tears came to her eyes.

    After you two left the beach I went up to the E club and ran into him. We talked most of the night; he speaks very highly of Zach.

    For friend orgasm Looking in da nang am

    Cold when it came to the death of one of her comrades but willing to risk her life for them to. I'm going to get some sleep. Greene held back five paces from Zach, she had heard the rustle of vegetation, clothing and the stench of unwashed bodies. Taking point she had her M at the ready, she would rather take them with her knives but it being so dark under the canopy of trees she couldn't make out any movement. Using her other senses she tried to locate the men without alerting them that she was there. The sound of a match striking and the scent of an American cigarette, pinpointed one of the men.

    She crept closer until she could see him closely. She stepped behind him, grabbed the barrel of his rifle, yanked it out of his hands and slapped the top of his helmet. Her voice deep and growling she asked. He knew if that guy had been on her team she would have shot him for being so stupid. He stopped dead when he saw that some of the guys standing there, he had gone through boot camp with. This was a huge mistake on his part.

    Zach came to her full height and towered over him, her voice more of a growl than anything, tore at his eardrums. Looking for am orgasm friend in da nang came up behind him and took his rifle from his hands. If I was VC you would all be dead right now. He ln his ground, arms crossed over his chest like on had seen Lookig do so often. The other men in the squad looked on with frightened expressions on their faces. The guard that she had ambushed stepped forward and saluted her. He knew by the look in her eyes that he had better come clean.

    Put this sack of shit on guard duty. And no more smoking out here, that's one of the reasons I knew where you were. Martin got up off the ground, his temper flaring, he used every oorgasm word that he knew. Then ra of nowhere a rock came flying and hit him between his eyes, he dropped to the ground in a heap. Zach stepped to where they could see her. Next friwnd you come to have him removed from your squad. One of them went on further, adding to the notorious Warrior. And that she's the best sniper over here.

    Zach and Greene walked through the night until they came to a small village outside frjend Quy Nhon. The villagers were going about their business except for a few that looked up and then made a hasty retreat to their huts. This did not get past Zach, she knew that VC had to be in the area and those who left at the rfiend sight of them were sympathizers and went to warn them. It didn't bother her one bit. Zach felt her guts twist, and that was not Lookinh good sign. It was a well-known fact that the VC had tunnels with many trap doors that left them open to many exits.

    They could pop up just about anywhere and blow your legs off with a grenade. Rice paddies were off limits also, the villagers knew where the trip wires and clay mores were but it was deadly for a GI to go traipsing through the paddies. Zach scanned the area with narrowed eyes, she was looking for a place to hold up. Looking up into the trees, she saw that they would have cover and be able to see the VC coming. She wished that they could get to Da Nang with out all the bullshit of having to shot the assholes. I don't know how to climb trees! Where are you from Greene?

    But me and trees have never had a thing. She straightened swiftly, raised her arms upward and threw him up towards the branch. She watched as he pulled himself up and sat close to the tree with one arm around it. Moving over to the tree next to his, she dropped her back behind it and then with a running start she hit the tree with one foot, pushed off and grabbed the lowest branch, Swinging upward she grabbed the next branch and did something that almost made Greene fall out of his tree. She swung a few times to gain momentum, released, threw her body higher and landed on the next highest branch on her feet.

    Turning she gave him a lopsided grin. Fifteen minutes later, she heard them coming through the brush at the side of the road. She counted six of them all armed with either Russian or M rifles. She looked to make sure that Greene had seen them. Pulling a grenade from her web belt, she pulled the pin and threw it in the middle of them. When it went off, she and Greene picked off the remaining VC. Zach pulled an incineration grenade from her web belt stepped back and tossed the grenade on top of them. With in seconds the weapons were a huge melt mess of steel. Fifteen feet into the brush, they found the wooden lid to the VC's tunnel. Zach lifted the lid and looked down into the dimly lit tunnel, listening she heard nothing.

    Dropping down she stepped to the side and let Greene drop down beside her. Slowly, they followed the tunnel until they came to a place in the wall where numerous wooden crates were piled. She motioned for Greene to stand as look out while she checked the crates. Finding numerous grenades, she replaced the ones she had used and stuffed more in the cargo pockets on her ALICE pack. Once they cleared the tunnels, they would come back and destroy all the supplies that were stashed. Zach reached down and pulled a throwing knife from her boot and her 45 from it's holster. Motioning her head to Greene the moved further down the tunnel, they rounded a corner and surprised two VC.

    Two shots rang out and the VC dropped with out ever firing their rifles. Zach took their clips and cleared the barrels. They could see a bamboo ladder around the next turn and heard voices. Zach crouched low and made her way to the next bend, before Greene could catch up, she took out the remaining four VC. You stay here, I'm going to go set off all that shit they have down near the other trap door. Anyone opens that lid you blow the fuckers away. I hate being in these damn tunnels.

    Frind of them can't even find personals because the minute some would finds out they got over here they were to hookup them. She priced that he looked very and had no more months with fever, Zach would be deciding to know that he would accept and be supporting to device home.

    Zach took off at a run down the tunnel, when she reached the stash, she Lookingg a small piece of explosives from her butt pack, a detonator and charge. After she had everything ready, she took off at a sprint and Looknig for Greene to move it. A low rumbling came from the direction she was running from, dirt and rocks started to fall all around her Looking for am orgasm friend in da nang she ran, a cloud of dust enveloped her as she rounded the last corner. Mai evans July 31, at 4: As the age of 8, she had to leaved ofgasm familiar surrounding, friendd mother, her country, all by herself so that she could be save.

    I must say, it is so humane and noble of her birth mother to give her up like frlend, and I believe that Heidi did mentioned it in the film. But, it is right to say that Heidi have to pay back her birth mother for given her up? That is what Mother does, she feeds her children and keeps her children save. I believe that she is financially struggle just like everyone, we could tells by watching the film. They lived in navy housing. I am sincerely wish that Heidi find peace and happiness, and I hope that she will come back to Vietnam with her family for a vacation.

    This is a print version of story Back toDanang, Vietnam by swat from xHamster. He and some friends had heard the rumor that there was a younger foreign guy working as a prostitute at the Bamboo Bar. A guy that would take any sized cock and had taken 2 huge black ones. After those evenings I was left gaping and sore. It was still painful in the beginning; like getting your cherry popped every time. In my case, my mindset, I loved it and was proud to service big black cocks. Mai had really stuck it to him on the price though; she was making out very well on my young ass!

    The panties were brief cotton and pretty tight; I just wore a small strapless camisole top under the dress — he knew I was a guy anyway so a bra would be useless. I paid no attention. She gave a short half ass massage and then tried to to clean my dick and went out the room for a while and came back. Well, she offered Covered blow job. I was not happy and these places are usually not where you can get change of girl or money back. I was able to unbutton her bra, something she did not like but as soon as I was sucking them, she got in the act.

    I put her missionary and banged her pussy for a while till I came. And now the Rest of the Story. I put on my clothes and felt my wallet in a pocket I usually do not put my wallet. I thought that I may have put it there accidently. Outside there is a barbecue place and I ate.

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