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    Her family and members of her society are considered helpers in the ritual. Her head and hair are dried with corn-meal, after which the girl takes her last run toward the east, this time followed by many young children, symbolically attesting that she will be a kind mother, whom her children will always follow.

    In the ceremony, girls wear special jewelry and costumes of shells and other ornaments, and are painted with a white clay mixture. On the first morning following the moment of this change in life the girl bathes and dresses in her finest clothes. During the four-day ceremony, the girl involved must be on a restricted diet and is forbidden to dress herself, comb her hair, or touch her own skin. Women have traditionally owned the land and livestock, passing these possessions down to their daughters, who have been trained to manage them. They work the land, they raise the kids, and they preserve the culture and traditions.

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    Her arms and legs are straightened, her joints smoothed, and muscles pressed to make her truly naavjo. And they butcher the sheep! The Kinaalda Ceremony One of the most important and sacred rituals among the Navajo people is the kinaalda ceremony, an elaborate four-day event that incorporates music and dance and marks the passage of year-old girls into womanhood. Then she darts off toward the east, running out for about a quarter of a mile and back. The costumes and ornaments are meant to depict Changing Woman and aid the girl in her journey through womanhood.

    My film isn't just tirl them, it's for them. A sister, aunt, or other female relation, if any happen to be close at hand, or if not, a male relative other than her father, then proceeds symbolically to remould her. Should there be any babies or little tots about the home, the girl goes to them, and, placing a hand under each ear, successively lifts them by the neck, to make them grow faster. Women are the potters and weavers, crafts they have been practicing for centuries. By so doing she is assured of continuing strong, lithe, and active throughout womanhood.

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    Navajo women Youhg always been at the core of social and economic control in their culture and occupy a strong position in Gorl life. In a traditional introduction, a Navajo person will first introduce himself or herself by naming the maternal clan, followed by the paternal clan. To indulge in viands of a richer nature would be to invite laziness and an ugly form at a comparatively early age. On her return the great corn-cake is brought in, cut, and divided among the assemblage, when all disperse, and the girl may once more loosen her hair and partake of any food she pleases.

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